Pasture Day 2021

Today is Pasture Day! Surprise! This fairly last minute decision is consciously made to limit gathering and sustain our commitment to our community’s health and safety. In 2019, our Pasture Day event gathered well over 250 people. And while relaxed restrictions are here or on the horizon, we are not yet ready for this to … Read more

Easter Bunny visits Barstow’s!

Hadley Parks and Recreation and Fire Department are bringing a VERY special visitor around town on Saturday, April 3! The Easter Bunny is parading through Hadley, and one of their stops is at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery! The fire truck and Easter Bunny are expected to arrive at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery up … Read more

National Agriculture Day

March 23 is National Agriculture Day. Here at Barstow’s Longview Farm, every day is Ag Day. Agriculture isn’t only our livelihood, it is a way of life. Today we invite you to consider how agriculture impacts your life. Farmers raise fruits, veggies, livestock, trees, and seafood.

Share your Farm Love Story

#FarmLove is the devotion we feel toward our animals, our land, our community, family members, and this place we call home. This year, we’ve done a lot of reflecting on our gratitude for our community. Between farm and farmstand, we wouldn’t be here without you – thank you. We’d be delighted to hear YOUR farm … Read more

Gratitude Journal: Farm Love

We’ve been offering the Name the Calf Contest online since March and if you pull together all of the beautiful, generous, kind comments from the entry form section, it makes this word cloud. Now that’s a lot of love! Thank you! See all the comments that generated this warm fuzzy graphic below! You guys ROCK! … Read more

Kestrel Land Trust: 50th Anniversary Stories

Since December 1970, thousands of people like you have given Kestrel Land Trust the inspiration and ability to save the landscapes that shaped our past and create our future. In the last 5 decades, we’ve worked together to conserve more than 25,000 acres of forests and woodlands for wildlife, natural parks and trails close to … Read more

Happy Moo Year!

I never want to feel how I felt on March 13, 2020, again. Trying to fall asleep that night, thoughts were racing through my mind – What if Barstow’s is mandated to shut down? How will we support our team financially? What if our staff members get sick? What if we become a point of … Read more

Barstow’s Pie of the Month Club

Pie is the best. Pie is always good and always appropriate. Anytime of year, anytime of day, any temperature, pie is simply the answer. We love that about pie. And if you’ve landed on this page, you probably agree! Join our pie lovers group by becoming a Barstow’s Pie of the Month Club member! Pie … Read more

Santa at the Farm

The Hadley Fire Department and Hadley Parks and Recreation Department are bringing a special visitor again this year!  Traveling all around town, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be stopping by Barstow’s via firetruck on Saturday, December 12 around noon. Listen for the sirens and look for the lights! Mr. and Mrs. Claus will remain in the firetruck … Read more

Holiday Desserts for Your Team

An office, a club, a family… teamwork has been essential in 2020 (even if at a distance)! Select from our three most popular holiday pies to show your thanks to your hardworking team: apple, apple crumb, and pumpkin. Pies are $15.50ea and can be picked up at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery at your desired … Read more

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