About the Area

Barstow’s Dairy Store is situated in a small picturesque hamlet called "Hockanum" which has been designated a National Historic District on Rt. 47, a Historic Scenic Byway in Hadley, Massachusetts.  The fertile farmland and quiet village is home to families that have been here for generations.

Hockanum Village is in a 100-year flood-plain. The area has seen extreme flooding in the past.  A sign just 0.3 miles north of Barstow's Dairy Store and Bakery marks the flood water heights of each of major flood year, topping 15 feet in 1936.

The open farmland butted up with protected, forested, state park land, creates a healthy ecosystem host to a variety of song birds, deer, coyote, and birds of prey. The soil in Hockanum is so unique and so fertile, it has its own world-wide soil classification: Hadley Silt-Loam. It is found in other floodplain areas but it was named for this area specifically. Along the Connecticut River, you'll find a healthy Floodplain Forest acting as a riparian buffer between field and shore. On the slopes of the mountain behind the farm, you will find an Oak-Hickory Forest.

Just around the corner from Barstow’s is Joseph Allen Skinner State Park. This 390-acre park, located atop Mount Holyoke, attracts both individuals and families from early April through November. Marked hiking trails, picnic areas, historical displays and special events at the Summit House and spectacular views of the Connecticut River draw thousands of visitors to this site on a seasonal basis. One of the draws to the park is Titan’s Piazza. Titan's Piazza is a columnar lava formation and is located in the cliffs above the main gate to Skinner State Park. After your hike up Mount Holyoke, stop into Barstow’s for a bite to eat, or an ice cream cone. Some hikers stop in before heading up Skinner to pick up a bagged lunch at Barstow’s for a picnic at the Summit House.

Another popular attraction is a weekly open air flea market located just 3 miles down the road from the farm. This market attracts shoppers from all over the valley looking for bargains on Sunday morning/early afternoon from April to November. Many warm weather travelers are accessing the Connecticut River, which conveniently has two popular marinas; Mitch’s Marina located 1/4 mile from the Barstow’s and Brunelle’s Marina, located about 8 miles from the farm.

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