July Burger Night 2021

It goes without saying that we missed a lot of things last year. And one of them was definitely Burger Nights! Summer sunsets with our community, great food, live music. But good news…. Burger Nights are BACK! Join us at Burger Night on Tuesday, July 27, 5pm-7pm. Born and raised right here on Barstow’s Longview … Read more

National Chili Day

Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery has a staple item that’s become really apparent over the last 13 years of being open: our homemade Barstow’s chili! Barstow’s chili seems to be popular in all forms; hot or frozen quarts; and in all seasons, winter to blistering summer. We celebrate chili every day, but National Chili Day … Read more

Bulk Ordering Beef

Beef Bulk Ordering Menu PDF Barstow’s meat comes packaged in vacuum sealed plastic with our Absolutely Local Beef labels. The individual package weights will not be found on the packages.  The order comes in heavy duty plastic bags for moving easily. A $100.00 nonrefundable deposit must be put down at the time of the order … Read more

Today was Supposed to be Pasture Day…

Today was supposed to be Pasture Day… But it’s been added to the long list of events across the nation postponed, canceled, or changed as we know them. But because we need some things to stay the same, some things to look forward to, and some things to celebrate; the theme of this blog post … Read more

October Steak Dinner

Visit your neighborhood dairy farm on October 22 for an Absolutely local, absolutely delicious farm raised steak dinner. Each steak dinner includes a Barstow’s farm raised rib eye steak, grilled to your liking, a baked potato, green beans, and for dessert, a brownie sundae with local ice cream. Enjoy your supper at Barstow’s or order … Read more

Massachusetts Eat Local Month

August is Massachusetts Eat Local Month, a great excuse to enjoy lunch at Barstow’s with friends, stock up on Barstow beef, Cabot cheese, McCray’s milk, or Maple Valley ice cream, and to indulge on Hadley sweet corn, zucchini, summer squash, blueberries, potatoes, and soon – local juicy peaches! Massachusetts Eat Local Month is focused on … Read more

Burger Fest 2019

*** Due to the EXTREME heat, Burger Fest will be wrapping up by 5pm today. We apologize for the inconvenience. Stay safe, stay cool! *** Burger Fest is the biggest event on the farm! Burger Fest is one of the few days that we sell our Barstow’s Farm Raised Beef burgers made to order. We will be grilling … Read more

Door Prizes Burger Fest 2019

We are very excited to announce our Door Prizes for Burger Fest 2019! A $20 Gift Certificate to Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery A coupon for 5lbs of Barstow’s Ground Beef Burgers  A Barstow’s T-Shirt and a Barstow’s Mug A coupon for (1) 12″ Assorted Cookie Platter  One Door Prize ticket will be presented for every burger ordered … Read more

June Burger Night

*Due to the weather, Burger Night has been postponed from June 18 to June 25.* Join us at Burger Night on Tuesday, June 25, 5pm-7pm. Born and raised right here on Barstow’s Longview Farm, our burgers are as fresh and local as it gets! Grill runs 5pm-7pm and Barstow’s kitchen is open until 8pm.  You can see our June menu … Read more

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