NYT, what about dairy?

Ooof this one hurt. I subscribe to the New York Times Climate Forward Newsletter and also their Daily Email Newsletter. I love them, I learn a lot, and it’s a great addition to my day. On Wednesday afternoon I was scrambling to catch up on emails before feeding the calves and into my inbox popped: … Read more

Gratitude Journal: Jurassic Cows

Last night, Dylan and I had the pleasure of attending “Drinking with Dinosaurs,” a special “Culture & Cocktails” event put on by the Springfield Museums. While sipping wine, we roamed the halls of the Science Museum – the perfect date night am I right? The highlight of this event was “Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New … Read more

Name the Calf Contest Winners “B”

Here at Barstow’s Longview Farm everybody has a personality so everybody has a name. Calves born around the same time have names that begin with the same letter. These calves were born in the last half of January. Congratulations to our Name the Calf Contest winners! Briar by Maris Scott Bingo by Anna Conklin Belmont … Read more

Gratitude Journal: Polish Cooking

The Barstow’s are pretty English through and through.  But on my Mom’s side I’ve got a little Polish, and I’ve got a pretty terrific grandmother too.  This weekend, my Meme (yeah that’s not Polish, that nickname is all French!), taught me how to make golumpki, a traditional Polish dish. Golumpki are cabbage rolls filled with … Read more

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