Cabot’s Farmer Pen Pal Program

The farm families of Cabot want to bring life on a dairy farm to kids at home and in their classrooms. Our Pen Pal Program is designed to give a first-hand account about life on a dairy farm, the journey from cow to cheese, and all things farming. What better way to connect kids to the food they enjoy!

Cabot Pen Pal Program

Meet Cabot Member, Denise Barstow Manz

We are so excited to share the newest installment of the Cabot Farmer Pen Pal Program, which is all about cow power!

For over a decade, Barstow’s Longview Farm has been home to an anaerobic digester, a machine that turns methane and by-products from cow manure and food scraps from local businesses (like our butter making creamery!) into electricity, heat, fertilizer and bedding. The digester generates enough electricity to power the farm and churn Cabot’s butter (the equivalent of powering 1,600 homes)! We think digesters are pretty amazing because they give things that are normally considered waste (like poop and food scraps) a new purpose.
You can access the letter, activity pages and PowerPoint below:
Letter from Denise >>
Watch Life on the Farm >>
Slides for the Classroom >>

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