Featured Artist

Barstow’s is a small family owned business and we are committed to supporting other local farmers, local crafters, and local artists.  Our walls are reserved for the art of local painters, sketchers, and photographers – giving us a beautiful and unique perspective on the area that we live and love.  Visit us to enjoy lunch, soak in the rural views, and enjoy the local art of your creative neighbors!

Are you interested in becoming our Featured Artist?  Contact us!

Our current Featured Artist is photographer Anne Terreden.

August 17 - September 30

Artist's Statement

I think nature has some favorite ideas, one of which is faces and the heads that support them. I can’t help seeing, and really loving, these characters I find on my walks and paddles.

They are there in rocks, tree trunks, stumps, and branches —among bits of leaves and moss, in snowfields and inside frozen puddles, in shadows and sunlight. At their best, my photos are intimations, maybe even revelations, of the simple fact that life is, after all, made out of aliveness.

I hope you enjoy my found friends!

Anne Terreden

  I have lived in the Pioneer Valley since attending the UMASS nursing program. 

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