Featured Artist

Barstow’s is a small family owned business and we are committed to supporting other local farmers, local crafters, and local artists.  Our walls are reserved for the art of local painters, sketchers, and photographers – giving us a beautiful and unique perspective on the area that we live and love.  Visit us to enjoy lunch, soak in the rural views, and enjoy the local art of your creative neighbors!

Are you interested in becoming our Featured Artist?  Contact us!

Our current Featured Artist is photographer Debbie Guiel.

September 17 - October 31

Photography has been one of Debbie's hobbies for about 10 years. She bought her first digital camera in 2008. Since then, her interest in photography has grown, and it is a hobby she spends much of her free time doing.

Debbie has taken various photography classes, including equine and nature photography, and has participated in photography workshops. Notable local photographers she has taken classes with are John Green of Belchertown, and Robert Floyd of Southampton. She is also a member of the Quabbin Photo Group.

More recently, Debbie has focused primarily on nature photography, and enjoys spending time wandering wooded trails to find subjects. She enjoys photographing water, whether it be in a waterfall or brook, or as snow and ice. Some favorite places she visits are Quabbin Reservoir and the Fort River Trail (Hadley), as well as the many waterfalls in Western Massachusetts.

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