Featured Artist

Barstow’s is a small family owned business and we are committed to supporting other local farmers, local crafters, and local artists.  Our walls are reserved for the art of local painters, sketchers, and photographers – giving us a beautiful and unique perspective on the area that we live and love.  Visit us to enjoy lunch, soak in the rural views, and enjoy the local art of your creative neighbors!

Are you interested in becoming our Featured Artist?  Contact us!

Our current Featured Artist is photographer Melissa Makepeace-O'Neil.

May 15 - July 1

Melissa Makepeace-O’Neil is an amateur hobbyist photographer with a focus on nature and wildlife photography. She is a local native to Western Massachusetts currently residing in Shutesbury, Massachusetts and became fascinated with nature photography at an early age. A love of the woods and passion for capturing nature developed into a beloved hobby.

Melissa’s photography is focused on the local area in and around the Pioneer Valley, her home town of Shutesbury, and the Quabbin Reservoir.  Many of her photographs are taken from her kayak or the bank of local waterways.

Melissa is mostly a self-taught photographer using hands-on experimenting.  Except for taking the opportunity to attend a basic level photography 101 class at Greenfield Community College while completing a degree in Accounting.  

Melissa can be reached by phone at 413-256-0312 or by email melissamophotography@gmail.com

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