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Barstow’s is a small family owned business and we are committed to supporting other local farmers, local crafters, and local artists.  Our walls are reserved for the art of local painters, sketchers, and photographers – giving us a beautiful and unique perspective on the area that we live and love.  Visit us to enjoy lunch, soak in the rural views, and view the local art of your creative neighbors!

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Maggie Hodges

November 12 - December 30, 2021

About the Artist

There is such a lovely glow of the early morning light on a mountain, the sparkle on a river or sunlight shining through the trees. My paintings capture my feeling and impression of the beauty in nature.

When not painting I love being outdoors; hiking, kayaking, skiing, mountain climbing and gardening. My paintings reflect my deep connection to nature through color, light and atmospheric perspective. I choose to paint in oils because it offers a richness through applying the paint in different textures and thicknesses which adds to the depth and interest in my paintings.


Maggie Hodges’ passion for the arts began as a young child in Philadelphia where her mother was a sculptor and she was exposed to the arts. In high school she studied drawing, printmaking and calligraphy. She received her BFA degree with a concentration in Graphic Design from Syracuse University. She became a designer for Hasbro and Spalding Sports and then after having children, she designed and sold children’s clothing.

More recently she developed a passion for painting She has taken numerous workshops and classes to help develop her knowledge and style. She travels to Plein Air events and is a member of the Amherst Plein Air Society. Her work has been accepted and awarded at numerous juried shows.


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