Souper Bowl Sundae 2024

We are turning Super Bowl Sunday more SOUPer! A bowl of homemade soup, chowder or chili and a large ice cream sundae with hot topping, Cabot whipped cream and a cherry for only $10.99! Fuel up early and pick up goodies for the game later on. Take home: homemade chicken tenders Barstow’s chili meatballs sweet … Read more

Barstow’s Soup CSA 2024

Sign up for 8 weeks of homemade soups!  Dinner has never been easier! Pick from one of our 7 ways to Soup CSA: CSA Size Price Quarts per Week Total Quarts Pickup Weeks Full CSA Couple $115 1 quart per week 8 Weeks 1-8 Family $230 2 quarts per week 16 Weeks 1-8 Meat Lovers … Read more

Vanguard Renewables: A Farm-Driven Circular Solution

Vanguard Renewables partners with leading food and beverage companies to recycle food and beverage waste on multi-generational dairy farms across the country to make renewable energy via anaerobic digestion. Vanguard has a long-standing partnership with Barstow’s Longview Farm, a seventh-generation family farm and member-owner of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, to host one of Vanguard’s Farm … Read more

Hell and High Water

Thank you to our community for reaching out with well wishes and support in the wake of the recent flooding. We are so grateful that our family and staff, animals, equipment, and buildings are all safe and dry. Our hearts go out to those in our region, especially other farmers, who have experienced flood damage … Read more

July Burger Night 2023

Join us at a Christmas in July Burger Night on Tuesday, July 25, 5pm-7pm. Born and raised right here on Barstow’s Longview Farm, our burgers are as fresh and local as it gets! Grill runs 5pm-7pm and Barstow’s kitchen is open until 8pm. Check out the menu here! It is a special occasion when we sell our burgers made to order so … Read more

Burger Night Menu July 2023

Here on Barstow’s Longview Farm, we raise about 600 animals for dairy. But we also raise ~20 steers each year for our Barstow’s Farm Raised Beef! The beef – ground, patties, steaks, and roasts, is exclusively sold at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery and can be found in our freezer section. Burgers are not on our … Read more

6 Reasons to Celebrate Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month. Here are 6 reasons to give a sip 🥛: 1. Dairy is good for you Milk packs in 13 essential nutrients in every serving, including, protein, zinc, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin D, which contribute to healthy immune function. Dairy foods like cheese and yogurt also provide high-quality protein, calcium, … Read more

How Dairy Farmers Are Turning Manure Into Money

Smithsonian Magazine, April/May 2023 These New Englanders have found a way to help the planet and convert more than 9,000 tons of cow waste annually into electricity Dairy farms like this one run by the Barstow family in Hadley, Massachusetts, make smart use of a substance cows produce in abundance. David Degner By Rachael Moeller Gorman Photographs … Read more

Weekly Food Photo Contest

The Corned Beef Reuben Special for the month of March at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery in Hadley. How to enter: @Snap a pic of something delicious-looking and send it with your name, town and a sentence or two to! See this post in the Gazette here!

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