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Why we use and sell Calf-Star products: 

  • Reduces labor and provides more consistent care. 
  • Tracks individual feeding behavior data of calves to detect calf intake and health. 
  • Socialization between calves. 
  • Calf comfort and health is the priority. 
  • Feed a large number of calves with a fresh mix adapted to each individual calf.
  • Hygiene and safe food handling for our animals. 
  • Designed for all calf ages and health levels. 

“The Calf-Star automatic feeder has transformed calf rearing on our farm” - David Barstow, sixth generation owner operator 


Contact Steven Barstow II at or 413-586-5584 for quotes, consultation, and questions. You may also contact us here.

Calf Star Jackets

Double Insulated Calf Jackets .  .  . $35ea.

Comes with a fully adjustable front belt buckle and elastic back straps. Comes in small and large sizes and in either pink or blue.

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