DD-2 Digital Dairy Refractometer

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DD-2 Digital Dairy Refractometer


Refractometer is a precision optical instrument designed to measure the concentration or mixture ratio of water soluble fluids. It measures refractive index, the speed at which light passes through a liquid. The denser the liquid the slower the light will travel through it, and the higher its reading will be on the refractometer.

The DD-2 Digital-Dairy Refractometer will provide reliable estimates of the percent solids in waste milk and colostrum quality using the Brix Method, and a blood serum total protein concentration scale can be used to assess failure of passive transfer. The MISCO Digital-Dairy™ refractometers are specifically designed to help professional dairy farmers and calf ranchers to rear healthy calves. They are rugged enough to withstand the demands of farm use, yet precise enough to give laboratory-quality readings.

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