Milk Taxi 4.0

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Milk Taxi 4.0

The Milk Taxi has revolutionized bucket feeding for calves.  Whether individually in calf hutches or in groups in the calf barn, the Milk Taxi feeds your calves wherever they are.  They can reliably mix milk replacer powder and gently heat or pasteurize whole milk.

The Milk Taxi makes feeding calves FUN!


The 250 Watt agitator mixes any milk replacer lump-free in seconds!  In addition, the agitator supports the heater through short mixing intervals. Its location in the base guarantees maximum working safety and means nothing gets in the way during tank cleaning.


The Milk Taxi works with a surface heater over the entire base area.  Unlike with spiral heaters, this prevents the occurrence of “hotspots” where milk can burn and stick.  This means that the milk heats up quickly and its quality is still maintained.


With 9 freely programmable dosing levels you can dispense almost any feed quantity without any annoying dripping.  In addition, the handle has been ergonomically adapted and is nice and light.


With the EL-AN electrical drive option you can move all models forwards and backwards at two different speeds.


The Milk Taxi is extremely stable on 4 wheels with a low center of gravity.  It doesn’t topple over even when moved quickly, over uneven terrain and fully loaded.


From now on, you only need to specify the desired milk replacer (CMR) concentration (percentage of dry matter content) and your scoop size once.  You then fill the Milk Taxi up to the required drinking quantity.  SmartMix adds the necessary weight of the CMR automatically and tells you how many scoops of the CMR you need.  Even the solubility of the CMR is taken into account, because 20 kg CMR dissolved in 100 L water is less than 120L milk.  The Milk Taxi 4.0 automatically corrects this error.


The Milk Taxi automatically recognizes how much milk or water has already been filled into the tank and shows the current fill quantity constantly on the display.


And if whole milk and CMR are to be mixed?  What if your milk has a dry matter value of 12.3% but you need an overall mix with 13.5% dry matter?  SmartMix recognizes how much whole milk has been filled and determines how much water and CMR have to be added to achieve the required milk quantity in the required concentration.

Technical Specifications*
Power Supply 230 V, 16 A or 400 V, 16 A
Pump Capacity approx. approx. 40 l/min (11 gpm)
Heating Power 3kW, 5 kW or 6 kW
Agitator Power 250 W
Tire Size 400 / 265 mm (15¾ / 10½”)


Milk Taxi 100 L

Working Tank Capacity: 100 L  (26½ gall.)

Total Tank Capacity:       115 L

Width (cm; ft, in):60; 1’11½”

Length (cm; ft, in): 126;  4’1½”

Height (cm; ft, in): 109;   3’7″

Milk Taxi 150 L

Working Tank Capacity: 150 l (39½ gall.)

Total Tank Capacity:      180 l (47½ gall.)

Width (cm; ft, in):  75;  2’5½”

Length (cm; ft, in): 129; 4’2¾”

Height (cm; ft, in): 109;  3’7″

Milk Taxi 260 L

Working Tank Capacity: 260 l (68¾ gall.)

Total Tank Capacity:  290 l (76½ gall.)

Width (cm; ft, in):  76;  2’5½”

Length (cm; ft, in):  133; 4’4¼”

Height (cm; ft, in):  119 3’10¾”

MilkTaxi Trailer

Working Tank Capacity: 260 l (68¾ gall.)

Total Tank Capacity:  290 l (76½ gall.)

Width (cm; ft, in): 120; 3’11¼”

Length (cm; ft, in): 140; 4’7″

Height (cm; ft, in): 125; 4’1¼”

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