July 2019: news roundup

US agriculture needs a 21st-century New Deal If the concept of parity sounds quaint, that’s because it is. Farmers first achieved something like parity in 1910-1914, just before America entered World War I. During the war U.S. agriculture prospered, financing flowed and land speculation was rampant. Those bubbles burst with the end of the war. … Read more

June 2019: news roundup

Six things to know about Barstow’s farm JUNE IS DAIRY MONTH IN MASSACHUSETTS. THAT’S WHY I JOINED CONSTITUENTS AND DENISE BARSTOW FOR A TOUR OF HER FAMILY’S DIARY FARM IN HADLEY. Denise is an 7th generation farmer. That means that her family has cared for the land they’ve farmed for over 210 years. I met … Read more

May 2019: news roundup

Here are a few articles the Barstow family was reading this month: Robotic Milking 101 | Cabot Creamery Cooperative  On robotic milking farms, cows set their own schedule and milking is more efficient, which means cows have more time to rest, and our farmers have more time to care for their herds. #cabotcheese GMOs: A … Read more

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