Eat the Season | August

Eating what is in season throughout the year can better connect you to your home and community.  When you eat what is being harvested locally, your food is travelling fewer miles, you are supporting your neighborhood farmers, and you are enjoying nutritious and varied foods throughout the seasons. #EatTheSeason and enjoy the season at Barstow’s … Read more

Summary of the 2018 Dairy Crisis: a MA Dairy Farmer Perspective

American dairy farmers are struggling.  At this point, this should be news to no one.  It is mentioned on every news station from NPR to Fox.  But nobody is doing a very good job of explaining why they are struggling or what could in fact be done about it. There’s a lot of things going … Read more

6 Reasons you Should Care about New England Dairy

Dairy farms are dotted across the New England landscape. But with recent trends of low milk prices, over-supply, increased costs of doing business, consolidation of agricultural conglomerates, and the power and wealth in ag going to only a few: those dairies are being shuttered. Dairy farmers, especially small family farms in New England, are in … Read more

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