Compaq Flash HTST Pasteurizer

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing Compaq Flash HTST Pasteurizer Calf Star would like to welcome the Compaq Flash to our family of HTST (High Temperature Short Time) pasteurizers.  Its revolutionary design cherry picks the proven features of its HTST cousins, but is now enhanced by offering: a digital on-the-fly output temperature control, separate Raw … Read more

Calf Star Insulated Bag with Strap

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing Calf Star Insulated Bag with Strap This insulated bag can be used with Calf Star colostrum bags to help keep milk at it’s correct temperature while feeding calves.  The strap allows for easy calf feeding with an esophageal tube attachment.

Mini Batch Colostrum Pasteurizer

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing Mini Batch Colostrum Pasteurizer The Mini Batch Pasteurizer is a batch pasteurizer that will pasteurize both whole milk and colostrum. How it works: Heat treats colostrum/milk up to 141 degrees F or the desired temperature. Holds product for 1 hour or to the desired time, then cools to the … Read more

ANOVA Heater

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing ANOVA HEATER – FOR FIRST NURSE COLOSTRUM PASTEURIZER/WARMER Spare/Replacement Heater for the First Nurse Colostrum Pasteurizer/Warmer

Colostrum Care Center

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing Colostrum Care Center The Colostrum Care Center is a leading-edge colostrum processing center designed to offer complete handling of colostrum, from cow to calf. It’s leading-edge technology offers:  Bagging, Pasteurizing, Cooling, Rewarming and Feeding of Colostrum, all in one package. Borrowing from our Milk Jug Lacto-Thermal technology, we use … Read more

Mobile Calf Scale

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing Mobile Calf Scale This digital scale makes weighing your calves easier than ever!  Rugged wheels underneath and easy grip handles makes our scale easy to push at any height without breaking your back.  The scale and display arerechargeable battery powered and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode.  Automatic zero … Read more

Calfmilco Elite Milk Replacer

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE OF BABY CALVES PRODUCT FEATURES Edible grade milk ingredients are used including skim milk and whey protein concentrate Additional amino acids are added to form a unique combination of essential amino acids Animal fat and coconut oil are used to form a combination of long and … Read more

Electrolytes Plus Energy

Call 413-586-5584 or Email for pricing A CALF SUPPLEMENT PROVIDING ELECTROLYTES AND ENERGY DEXTROSE Provides calf with needed energy Allows for faster absorption of electrolytes and water Improves flavor SODIUM Creates a synergistic effect with glucose, water and electrolytes Essential electrolytes for normal body functions BICARBONATE Aids in the correction of metabolic acidosis Aids in … Read more

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