Calf Feeding Products

Automatic Calf Feeders

calf expert

Calf Expert Automatic Feeder

The modern calf feeder with individual calf feeding, whole milk system, intuitive control of the graphic display and many other features. State-of-the-art feeding technology ensures that the milk for the calves is always freshly mixed. It doesn't matter whether feeding milk replacer or pasteurized whole milk, the CalfExpert prepares the milk automatically and individually for each animal. The CalfExpert takes your calf rearing management to a whole new level. Read about our experience with this product.

calf star instant calf feeding facility

Calf-Star Instant Calf Feeding Facility

This plug and play building is made to fit on a trailer for easy shipping. Once delivered, the customer is able to put this machine in the middle of their barn and build their calf pens around it. This makes installation of a calf feeder easy, because most of it is already done for you.


  • 8' x 10' or a 8' x 12' Plug & Play Design Building
  • Customization available upon request
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost assembly line building
  • You choose the design and equipment you want in the facility
  • Facility includes: 1 window, 36″ door, utility sink, hose bib, connection for water softener, 100A service panel, glass board interior walls, metal exterior walls, small water heater, exhaust fan, heater

Calf Feeding Storage

Single Milk Jug

Classic Milk Jug

The Classic Milk Jug is our simplified version of our regular Milk Jug that is used with our Automatic Calf Feeding Systems.  This version has a small compact size with only Analog Controllers and not the HMI Controller.  This unit will come with a float, agitator and the CIP (Clean in Place) washing system.

The CIP washing system is designed to be quick and efficient, minimizing downtime when in operation. In as little as 10 minutes, the Milk Jug can be completely clean and ready to fill with the next batch of pre-chilled (60°F - 65°F) pasteurized milk.

The Classic Milk Jug has many different uses including; robot buffer tanks, receive all in the parlor, and/or with an HTST pasteurizing system as a holding tank. When using HTST (Flash) milk pasteurizing systems, a raw milk holding tank is required. The Milk Jug is a good solution providing refrigerated cooling and CIP washing.

The Milk Jug fits nearly anywhere and can be easily located next to the pasteurizing system or in your milk house for a robot buffer tank.

In applications where there is a chiller that pre-cools the milk to 36°F, the Milk Jug can be ordered without cooling to maintain the milk temperature in its well-insulated, double-walled tank.  This non-refrigerated Milk Jug can be ordered with the CIP
washing system or, if your pasteurizer or system allows, can be easily hooked in series with it for auto CIP.

Connecting the Milk Jug is extremely simple, only requiring a standard 20A, 220 VAC plug, cold and hot water and bulk washing detergent.


  • Insulated to store raw milk
  • Chills and stores raw milk prior to pasteurization, greatly reducing bacteria growth compared to water cooled tanks
  • Space saving design: 34" x 34" footprint
  • One-step CIP system; 10 minute wash cycle
  • Automatic Empty Shutoff
milk jug double

Milk Jug Cooling Tanks (single or double)

Until now, the only solution for cooling milk for special calf feeding needs was to install a full sized bulk cooler. And, with very limited space in the equipment room or calf barn, this was not a viable solution. The Milk Jug is specially designed for these special applications where waste milk needs to be cooled in a limited space.

The Milk Jug comes in 50, 100 and 200-gallon sizes. Connecting the Milk Jug is extremely simple, requiring a standard 20A, 220VAC plug, cold and hot water, and bulk washing detergent. Modular design allows it to fit through a 36″ doorway, allowing it to be installed in most locations.


  • Designed for Automatic Calf Feeding Systems
  • Refrigerated Cooling
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick 10-Minute Wash Cycle
  • Space Saving Design (34″ x 34″ Footprint)
  • Special Flash-One Step CIP System (10 Minutes)
  • Automatic Empty Shutoff
  • Well Insulated

DOUBLE Jug Features:

  • 2 separate tanks share a cooling unit and a washing unit
  • Always a continuous milk supply
  • As Tank 1 empties, the unit automatically switches to Tank 2 and begins washing Tank 1.
  • As Tank 2 empties, the process is reversed
  • All processes are automatic
  • Additional option for the Auto Fill

Calf Feeding Dispensers

utv dispenser tanks

UTV Dispenser Tanks

Dispenser tank fits on any vehicle and allows feeding a predetermined ration to your calves rapidly and accurately. Can fit on any vehicle

  • Has built in spray ball for clean in place design
  • Can be ordered either single wall or double wall insulated
  • Large acrylic manhole inspection cover to see inside the tank
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Four different recipes to choose from for feeding

Calf Tender Standing Utility Vehicle Dispenser

  • Comes as a complete feeding unit with vehicle
  • Pasteurized milk is pumped into the unit
  • Dispenses easily with a foot pedal dispenser
  • 150 gallon tank capacity and can be hooked up to a pasteurizer to wash
  • Vehicle has a very short turning radius allowing users to use this tank and vehicle combo to feed calves in calf barns with small aisles
  • All steel frame with dual front wheels and an adjustable backrest
  • 1,000 pound capacity makes it the perfect for feeding many calves
  • Easily programmed feed amount settings
  • Push the foot pedal to distribute to your calves
  • When finished the tank can be attached to the pasteurizer to wash by pushing the wash button on the tank control box
  • A spray ball inside the tank allows for washing with the pasteurizer.  If not washing with a pasteurizer there is an option to add on an automatic wash

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