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Why we use and sell Sturdy Built dairy equipment: 

  • Durable and long lasting to stand the rigors of modern dairy farming.
  • High quality manufacturing materials, design, and processes.
  • Cow comfort, safety, and cleanliness are the priority. 
  • Padded and designed for quiet operation. 
  • Easy bolt-together installation requires no welding on job site
  • Compatible with various barn types and robotic milking system brands and layouts.
  • Customizable for any facility’s needs.

“Sturdy Built equipment is second to none in quality and understands the dairy industry’s needs in New England” - Steven Barstow II, seventh generation owner operator 


Read more about how and why we started with Sturdy Built dairy equipment. 

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Contact Steven Barstow II at or 413-586-5584 for quotes, consultation, and questions. You may also contact us here.

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