January 10 | 10% Off

In honor of Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery’s 10 Year Anniversary, celebrate with us all of 2018 on the 10th of every month!  We’ve put together a series of mini events and giveaways throughout the year to thank our customers, regulars, supporters, friends, and family!

Wednesday, January 10 marks our first celebration event.  Visit Barstow’s and receive 10% off your entire purchase* all day!

You can also join us for Wicked Slice Wednesday!  Enjoy your favorite slice of pie with ice cream or cheddar and a hot cup of coffee or tea for only $5!  Wicked Slice Wednesday runs through the winter and you can learn more about this promotion here.

Check out all of the mini celebrations on the tens!  We hope you’ll be able to join us!

*Ick, yes, exclusions apply.  They are: framed art and prints by Nancy Baker, Sue’s Sewing Corner, books, crafts by LuAnn, woodworking gifts, Cats’ Cradle, winter bell, cards by Rachel Bellenoit, Diane Nevinsmith, Karen Dawson, and Sanda Pipczynski, gift certificates, and Wicked Slice Wednesday.

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