Wicked Slice Wednesdays

Winter Wednesdays enjoy…

  • Your choice of pie
  • A scoop of ice cream or a slice of cheddar
  • With a small cup of coffee or hot tea

…for just $5!


Here are the Barstow’s favorite pairings:

Steven Barstow – Apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and a pint of milk (some drink substitutions are a-okay, just ask!)

David Barstow – Apple pie, cheddar cheese, and Barstow’s Blend (what a Yankee!)

Kelly Barstow – Apple crumb pie, vanilla ice cream, and Cinnamon Mocha coffee

Steven Barstow II – Pumpkin Pie, Cabot whipped cream, and Sumatra blend coffee

Shannon Barstow – Apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and a hot Chamomile tea

Denise Barstow – Chocolate cream pie, chocolate ice cream, and a hot Earl Gray tea

Join us for Wicked Slice Wednesday from open to close this winter!

The last day of this promotion is April 25, 2018.

Share your favorite pairing with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snap Chat! #Barstows @barstowdairy.

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