Holiday Local

Orders have kept us busy all week for holiday parties, office get togethers, and staff appreciation treats!


Today is the last day to order holiday desserts and side dishes for Christmas Eve pick up without baker approval.


This is such a special time of year in the bakery!  Cakes are topped with frosting wreaths of holly, gingerbread men are laid out with care, and platters are sent out the door to gatherings across the Pioneer Valley.  We are honored to play this special role in our community.


Not only is baking our joy, our pleasure, our dream, it is also our business.  As we cook up and bake off pies, cheesecakes, and soups we reflect on our gratitude to you, our customers, this holiday season.  Your holiday orders help sustain us through a long winter of slow business.


We hope you enjoy your holiday desserts and dinners this Christmas!  Your orders will brighten your holiday, and also ours!  Holiday local, support local, we are very thankful.


Haven’t ordered yet?  No problem.  Get your orders in by today, Friday, December 22 by 5pm.  Call us now at 413-586-2142, visit us, or contact us.

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