Barstow’s Farm Has An Old New England Feel

Mass Realty
By Jake Levin

Since 1806, the Barstow family has been just as lively as the farm it tends to.

Located along rural Route 47 in Hadley, Mass., Barstow’s has been looking forward for the past 211 years. The farm encompasses the very best of the world of agriculture both past and present thanks to Denise Barstow, the Marketing and Education Manager. Barstow said it’s the collective movement of the farm that makes for such a lively and fun locale in the serene setting of western Massachusetts.

“We strive to be a sustainable business, look out for our planet, and connect with our community,” Barstow said of the farm’s mission. “We celebrate all that it weird, wonderful and unique about the place that we live and the people who visit us. We hope to connect with our customers, give local artisans and farmers the opportunity to share their story, and teach people how we all can make a difference, build up local agriculture, and be stewards of our land.”

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