A “Thank You” you can eat

Enjoy a free cookie from Barstow’s today, March 10!

2018 is our 10 Year Anniversary in the restaurant business! And we are offering one cookie per customer today to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for what you might ask? Well where do we begin?! We opened Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery in 2008 because the milk market was crashing and we needed to either diversify our business or close the doors on our family’s multi-generational, 200 year old dairy farm – forever. So we went retail. Going from growing food to serving it and fully relying on the support of our community to keep our farm in business. We essentially turned to you and said “help!”

You listened. You visited our store. You told your friends about us. You raised your family here. You shared our content on Facebook. You got your Thanksgiving Pie from Barstow’s. You picked up a gallon of milk. You bought a muffin.

Whether this is your first time visiting, or you’re in Barstow’s every day, thank you.

Your purchases, great and small, keep our family farming. Which means you are keeping farmland undeveloped, supporting your local economy, and allowing the next generation of this community to grow up with dirt on their feet and sun on their face.

Your business matters. And we are very grateful for it!

We are celebrating on the 10th of each month throughout 2018!  See the whole list of events here. 

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