First Snow

Yesterday was our first snow of the season!

Big flakes filled the window and blanketed the fields outside.  Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery closed at 1pm early for the weather.

But life on the farm was business as usual.  There’s no coming home early.

The farmers make sure all of the dry cows on pasture are in the barn and out of the storm.  It is important for cows to stay dry, because while they love cooler weather (ideally in the 40s!), it is difficult for them to bring their body temperature back up when they become wet.

The farmers also need to make sure the haylage and corn silage stays dry.  This is something that we must consider year round because rain and even dew can cause rot on the cow food – not something we can feed our animals.

The curtains have been dropped around the barns to keep out the winter chill.  The calves have their coats on and we make sure they have full bellies before we turn off the lights and head in to our own warm homes.

The following day brings snow to move and warmer socks.  The bellies of the farm dogs are splattered with mud and the walkway at Barstow’s is shoveled.  But the sky glows December blue, the snow glistens in the sunlight, and winter has begun on the farm.

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