Thank you Valentines!

We had an amazing day today seeing new and familiar faces for our Anniversary Mini Event!  We decorated Valentines Day cookies (and ate them).  We got sprinkles all over the table and frosting all over our faces.  All in all, great day!

We did get some questions about our Anniversary Mini Series and what to expect next!

On the 10th day of each month in 2018, we are reaching out to all parts of our business to say THANK YOU!  Because it is our customers, our wholesalers, our vendors, our neighbors, our fellow farmers, our statesmen, our allies, our supporters, our fans, our friends, our family, our community that keeps us in business!  It’s all connected and oh what a wonderful connection to be a part of!

Join us next month, March 10, for free cookies!  Check out all of our mini events here

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