Spring on the Farm

Today might be the First Day of Spring – but it still feels an awful lot like winter on the farm.

With snow still in the forecast, wind-cutting tarps are on the barns and coats are on our calves.  Our priority is the health and comfort of our animals.  Learn more about how we keep them warm in winter, click here! 

But there are a few signs of Springtime!


Deep rivets are being carved into unpaved driveways by tractor wheels and trucks.  As we feed our animals, we are taking those same turns over and over again, digging up the Earth and creating more for us to prepare come summer!  Don’t worry about our feet, farm boots are everyday attire!


Situated right below the Mount Holyoke Range, the farm is inundated with spring water and melt water from the peak come spring.  We are equipped with wells and catchments to make the most use of this water on the farm, using it for cooling milk and drinking water.  We are extra aware of farm run off from the barns during this time, being careful that manure stays out of our precious water ways on its way to the Connecticut River.  There are many systems in place to ensure any poo contaminated water only goes to our anaerobic digester and nowhere else!


Our resident Bald Eagles are on their nest.  The red-winged blackbirds are back on the pond.  And the Red Tailed Hawk pair soar overhead.  The spring peepers have even had a few rehearsals!  We are purposefully aware of the wildlife in our area.  It tells us about the health of our ecosystem.  We rely on a healthy natural balance to maintain the health and fertility of the land we farm.  And also get great enjoyment from the wildlife we share our home with.


The farmers are actively planning their fields and crop rotations.  We’ve blacked out our social calendar for the summer with plans of fruitful hay and corn harvests throughout the year.

Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery is also busily planning a fantastic year!  With 10 Year Anniversary events on the 10th of every month, Pasture Day, Burger Fest, Burger Nights, and much more, we are excited for happy crowds, juicy burgers, and lunches on the porch!

Looking ahead

So Spring may not be fully HERE yet, but we are eagerly awaiting her arrival!  Here are just a few things we are looking forward to come Spring:



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