Here on Barstow’s Longview Farm, we raise a lot of cows for dairy.  But we also raise about 20 steers each year to provide our Barstow’s Farm Raised Beef!  The beef – ground, patties, steaks, and roasts, is exclusively sold at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery and can be found in our freezer section.

You can also enjoy our beef at lunch if you try our Barstow’s Famous Chili, The Messy Beefer sandwich, or our Taco Salad. Burgers, however, are not on our regular menu.

And then, on occasion, we throw a party!  Once a month in the spring, summer, and fall, we host a Burger Night.  For this one night only, we grill up our burgers to order, complete with local, in season flavors, farm tours, sunsets, and the adult beverage of your choosing.  And in the summertime, you can look forward to Burger Fest, our biggest, loudest, and most fun day of the year on the farm!

For these special Burger Events, we have a set menu of favorites and one or two seasonal burger offerings that celebrate what is in season in Western Massachusetts.

Burger Night Favorites

Cali Burger

Cabot cheddar cheese, shredded carrots, bacon, tomato, and lettuce; spread with avocado garlic mayonnaise

Chili Burger

Cabot cheddar cheese and Barstow’s homemade chili

Heart Attack Burger

Cheddar and American cheese melted into a pile of crispy bacon, blue cheese, and onion rings

Crunchy Onion Burger

Cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, and French onion dip

Mac Attack Burger

A scoop of Barstow’s homemade Mac & Cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion

Patty Melt

Sautéed mushrooms and onions with Swiss cheese between Rye toast

Build Your Own Burger

Includes lettuce, tomato, and onion
Extra toppings are from .50 to 1.00 each
Substitute a Black Bean Burger +

Hot Dog | +cheese 0.50 | +chili 1.00 | +sauerkraut 1.00 | +onions and peppers 1.00

Side of Fries *all burgers also come with fries*
Side of Fries | +cheese 0.50 | +chili 1.00 | +bacon 1.50

Each event, we offer seasonal burgers.  You can see some of the seasonal burgers we’ve offered in the past here.

You can visit our beef page to see our beef cuts, price per pound, and how our animals are raised.

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