Massachusetts Eat Local Month

August is Massachusetts Eat Local Month, a great excuse to enjoy lunch at Barstow’s with friends, stock up on Barstow beef, Cabot cheese, McCray’s milk, or Maple Valley ice cream, and to indulge on Hadley sweet corn, zucchini, summer squash, blueberries, potatoes, and soon – local juicy peaches!

Massachusetts Eat Local Month is focused on promoting restaurants that commit to sourcing locally, celebrating and highlighting the vital role that the local restaurants and local food producers play in our regional economy.

This program is designed to not only increase awareness for the local food system in Massachusetts and New England, but also connect farmers and food producers with customers. The goal is to educate the general public about the local food system and connecting individuals to local food producers, leading to increased sales for local producers.

At Barstow’s, during the month of August, you can enjoy our all-local lunch item:

Three TacowsBarstow’s farm raised top round steak, seasoned with New England Spice Company spices, Mi Tierra corn tortillas, spicy corn salsa made with Four Rex Farm tomatoes and sweet corn, Cabot cheddar, and Cabot sour cream.

These local tacos are made with local ingredients and made by local hands.

Each order comes with an #EatLocalMonthMA card and the knowledge that you are eating a sustainable, local, delicious meal! Share your Three Tacows meal on Facebook or Instagram using #EatLocalMonthMA and #Barstows. See you soon!

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