Local Really Is Better

Smith Dining Services Does Agritour of Hadley, Massachusetts
January 2017

As a bitterly cold but sunny winter day settled on western Massachusetts the first week in January, the dairy barn at Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley, Massachusetts, was buzzing with the sounds of conversation, laughter and a herd of milking cows munching on morning hay. Inside the barn, Kelly Barstow, dairy store and bakery general manager, was describing to some of the Smith College Dining Services staff the daily milking operation—by robot milkers—of 500 cows. The Barstow’s Longview Farm was the first stop in a daylong agritourism tour organized by Rick Rubin, area manager in Dining Services, as a training offered to staff during Smith’s 2017 January interterm……

Check out the Video Smith made here!

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