Help Farmers Fight Hunger: Harvest for All Drive

Did you know…
… 1 in 10 people struggle with hunger.
… 1 in 8 children struggle with hunger.

In Massachusetts alone, 652,760 people are struggling with hunger – and of them 167,450 are children. People facing hunger in Massachusetts are estimated to report needing $376,759,000 more per year to meet their food needs.

To help battle these daunting statistics, Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation’s (MFBF’s) Young Farmer and Rancher (YF&R) committee has undertaken a ‘Harvest For All’ drive – and one of their locations will be Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery at Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley on Sunday, August 19. The goal of this drive is to collect donations, including locally grown food, to be donated to local food banks.

At the end of this drive at Barstow’s, all proceeds and food donations will be donated to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts in Hatfield.

How can you help?

  • Stop by Barstow’s on August 19 and pick up an extra item – or two – to donate at MFBF’s YF&R table in the store. You can write your name on a stickie for recognition of your donation.
  • Stop by Barstow’s store on August 19 and donate cash at MFBF’s YF&R table in the store. Only cash or checks can be accepted. You can write your name on a stickie for recognition of your donation.
  • If you can’t make it to the store on Aug. 19, please contact Katelyn Parsons, MFBF Director of Marketing and Communications, via email at to see how you can still contribute to this cause.

Harvest for All is a nationwide campaign, and in past years has donated a total of 28.9 million pounds of food, spent almost 10,000 hours volunteering and donated $1.1 million to local food banks.

That’s just in one year! For 15 years, this campaign has been growing and MFBF’s YF&R would like to see it expand into Massachusetts.

Let’s help make 2018 another great year for the Harvest for All campaign!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, August 19!

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