Gratitude Journal: World Milk Day

Have you ever heard a musician talk about music? Or a geologist talk about dirt? Sure you like music, maybe even a healthy appreciation of rocks, but there’s something exhilarating hearing someone speak passionately of their craft.
Everyone’s an expert on something, and in a life where your work is your passion and your work is never done, dairy farmers are experts of milk.
At first glance (or first glass hehe), plain white milk…ehhh it’s kinda boring. But when you gain a little perspective, how complex and *udderly* incredible it really is!
Today is World Milk Day; a great opportunity to learn more from your local experts (your local dairy farmers!) about what this food does for your nutrition, your community, your food system, and your planet.
💪 Milk contains 13 nutrients essential to human development and packaged deliciously for bodies of all ages.
🥛 1 in 6 Americans face hunger, and at ~$0.26 per cup, milk is affordable nutrition.
🌱 Dairy farmers are considered the “anchor tenants” of the region’s farmland base. Only 1.7% of the farms in Massachusetts are dairy farms, but dairy farms steward 9.8% of our agricultural land.
🦋 Farmland is good for wildlife habitat, ground water, climate resilience, and food security in our communities.
🔨 Dairy farms support important services, like equipment repair and veterinary services, that are vital to all farms in our region.
🐮 New England dairy farms are an important part of our landscape and our cultural heritage.
This World Milk Day, we hope you celebrate by raising a glass to the important role dairy farms and dairy products play in your life and the lives of others around the globe. Happy World Milk Day and cheers to the first day of National Dairy Month!

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