Gratitude Journal: V-One Vodka & Sunraise Printing

We have a truly amazing community!

A few weeks ago, we unlocked the doors, placed out the OPEN flag, and noticed two of our brand new signs had been stolen in the night. The signs were meant to welcome new folks to the area and bring in some more business to our family farm store. We spent extra to have them printed at a local business rather then buying at a box store or online, because that’s how we like to do things here – buy local.

Stolen signs may seem like a small loss, but the farm has really taken a financial blow due to the pandemic. Milk consumption in grocery stores is up, but the closing of schools, universities, restaurants, and institutions means we’ve lost around 50% of our markets. Our public facing farmstand is only a fraction of our business, and every little bit helps.

Then, just as suddenly as they disappeared, new ones were back…. and with a bottle of vodka too!

Thank you Paul of V-One Vodka in Hadley and Rob at Sunraise Printing in Hadley for your incredible generosity! We are lucky to have so many small businesses here in the Pioneer Valley that have each other’s back. Thank you for the quality, locally printed signs… and for the local libations. Our next farm family meeting is going to be “lit”!

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