Gratitude Journal: dinner & a speaker event

Last night was Barstow’s second ever Dinner & a Speaker event titled Rural Prosperity: how we lost it and how we get it back.

A huge thank you to Dr. Holly Hanson, history professor at Mount Holyoke College, for her fascinating lecture!

Dr. Hanson outlined four relationships that contribute to rural prosperity:

  1. Farmer and Nature
  2. Farmer and the Farm Family
  3. Farmer and the World
  4. Farmer and their Community

How can we mend these relationships and honor those that are already working?

I was incredibly grateful for the conversation among the group following the discussion too. Thanks to all who attended this event!

Thank you also to Dan Pilachowski from Old Country Road who lent us his sound equipment for the event. And to Shannon and Kelly Barstow for a truly delicious feast!

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