Dairy Month Lecture Series 2019

June is Dairy Month!  Learn more about how dairy impacts our economy, planet, diet, land use, and how dairy farming connects us with heritage in the Pioneer Valley.

Join the conversation with experts across all fields of dairy (get it?!).  The Dairy Month Lecture Series is hosted by Barstow’s Longview Farm and Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery.

Tours and lectures begin and end at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery (172 Hockanum Road, Hadley, MA) on Sundays in June, 2019, at 11am and 1pm. Open to people of all interest levels and always free.

Here are all of the upcoming tours:

Robot Farmers: The Latest and Greatest in Milk Production

Sunday, June 2 | 11:00am | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tour

Presenter: Dave Patteson, Lely Robotics Vermont & Albany

See firsthand how dairy robotics can help to deliver a safe, consistent, and nutritious product all while providing exceptional cow comfort 24/7/365.

From Field to Food

Sunday, June 2 | 1:00pm | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tour

Presenter: Cathy Shugg, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Hear about general cropping considerations farmers make and the factors that influence them.

Conserving Farmland in the Pioneer Valley

Sunday, June 9 | 11:00am | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tour

Presenter: Lee Halasz, TerraCorps-AmeriCorps Regional Conservation Coordinator, Kestrel Land Trust

Hear about how much farmland we have, how much is already conserved, and ways to conserve more.

Undeniably Dairy: The Facts Behind Dairy Nutrition

Sunday, June 9 | 1:00pm | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tour

Presenter: Sue Mazrolle, MSRD, LDN Registered

Learn the facts that will help you make smart choices about food.

Safe Milk Begins on the Farm

Sunday, June 16 | 11:00am | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tour

Presenter: Dr. Caroline Barstow, DVM, Hess McWilliams Veterinary Services

Learn how large animal veterinarians work with the dairy industry to keep the food we consume safe while keeping the cows healthy.

Cow Power: From Waste to Watts

Sunday, June 16 | 1:00pm | Free Walking Farm Tour

Presenter: Nicole Galambos, Vanguard Renewable Energy

See the anaerobic digester which captures methane from food waste and cow manure, reducing our carbon hoof-print by 85%!

Farm, Factory, or Family: Food Safety is Common Sense!

Sunday, June 23 | 11:00am | Free Wagon Farm Tour

Presenter: Julie Knodler, Agri-Mark Supplier Quality Auditor and Department Operations Administrator

Food safety is the same thing you implement in your own kitchen, just on another scale. Dairy farms use the same principles!

Farm Tour with your Senator

Sunday, June 23 | 1:00pm | Free Walking Farm Tour

Free walking farm tour led by seventh generation farmer Denise Barstow and her guest, Massachusetts State Senator, Jo Comerford.

Anniversary Farm Tour

Sunday, June 30 | 1:00pm | Free Walking Farm Tour

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