Gratitude Journal: Centennial Cheddar

2019 marks Cabot Creamery Cooperative’s 100th year in operation – a century of commitment to the farmers in their co-op, the quality of their products, and the consumers who support Cabot.

As a member farmer of the Cooperative, it’s a real joy to celebrate this milestone with our larger dairy team.

Barstow’s Longview Farm has been shipping milk to Cabot since the beginning, and we’ve always had the support we need to become a better business, raise our families, and keep the next generation on the farm.

Earlier this year, Cabot Creamery Cooperative received the 2019 “New Product sofi Award” for Cabot Centennial Cheddar in the “Cheese, Cow Milk” category. Cabot’s Centennial 5 Year Cheddar is a premium cheese slow-aged to perfection with intense bite and unforgettable complexity. It’s a rare cheddar worth savoring and it is absolutely DIVINE!

Cabot’s 5 Year Centennial Cheddar – which admittedly we have all just started calling “the 100 Year Cheese” – is for sale at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery in Hadley.

We realize the cheese isn’t aged 100 years, but Cabot has, and to that we say: Hooray!

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