Barstow’s Pie of the Month Club

Pie is the best.

Pie is always good and always appropriate. Anytime of year, anytime of day, any temperature, pie is simply the answer. We love that about pie. And if you’ve landed on this page, you probably agree!

Join our pie lovers group by becoming a Barstow’s Pie of the Month Club member!

Pie of the Month Club membership is $192/year for 12 fresh, homemade pies. Pick ups are between open hours on the first Friday of the month (excluding January).

Pick Up Dates & Pies

January 15: Banana Cream Pie
February 5: Cherry Pie
March 5: Chocolate Cream Pie
April 2: Lemon Meringue Pie
May 7: Key Lime Pie
June 4: Strawberry Rhubarb
July 2: Apple Pie
August 6: Blueberry Pie
September 3: Peach Pie
October 1: Apple Crumb Pie
November 5: Pumpkin Pie
December 3: Pecan Pie

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