Labor Day Week Updates

There’s a staffing shortage in our community – heck, in the nation! And Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery is not immune. Please note the following special hours as a result of short staffing:

  • Tomorrow, WED. 9/1 Barstow’s will be open 6am-4pm for Drive Thru service ONLY. We do not have enough staff to offer indoor shopping or dining tomorrow. Please do feel welcome to use our picnic tables and porch seating.
  • SUN. 9/5 Barstow’s will be CLOSED.
  • Labor Day, MON. 9/6 Barstow’s will be CLOSED.

Thank you so much for your patience and ongoing support! I’d love to be writing a ‘full’ Barstow’s Newsletter, but there’s not much time for anything ‘extra’ right now. Between hay harvest, corn harvest, and hiring, our plates are full. And we hope you keep your plate full too… of breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and prepared foods from your neighborhood dairy farm! We look forward to serving you in whatever staffing capacity we are at!

Here are some other quick bullet points we’d like to share:

  • Its peach season and we’re making loads of Peach Pies – put in your order asap for a Labor Day Weekend Peach Pie. Yum! 413-586-2142.
  • We have Barstow’s Beef Brisket in our freezer perfect for Rosh Hashanah.
  • WE ARE HIRING more details on our website here.

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