Kiddo Activities: Burger Fest 2018

Join us for fun activities on the farm for Burger Fest 2018!

11am-3pm | Farm Equipment Exploration

Check out the machinery and equipment that plants and harvest crops, feeds our cows, and makes Barstow’s Longview Farm run efficiently!  You are welcome to sit inside the trucks and tractors but ask that all children are supervised very closely by an adult.

11am-3pm | Free Wagon Ride Farm Tours

Tour our farm with a knowledgeable guide!  View our anaerobic digester, heifer barn, compost pad, bunker silo, milking robot, milking herd, and calf barn from the wagon.  Want a closer look?  Take our 1-hour long free walking tour instead, noon-3pm.

noon-3pm | Face painting

A cow, a dragon, a sunflower, a fairy – what do you want to be today!?  Free face painting, tips for our volunteer painters are welcome!

noon-3pm | Sugar Cookie Decorating

Our bakers have made some sugar cookies but need help decorating!  Free!  Tips appreciated.

noon-3pm | Water Games for Kids

Bring your suits and a towel to enter the splash zone!  Stay cool like a farm kid – water, buckets, and lots of other kids to play with.

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