Gratitude Journal: To our Staff during COVID-19

The Barstow family would like to take a moment to acknowledge our staff during these last two, very strange weeks.

Despite these stressful and uncertain times, the Barstow’s team has truly risen to the challenge. Our business has fundamentally changed during this pandemic.

Instead of just customers at the counter, they are also at the drive thru, and on the phone. We are getting our steps in, going from the drive thru window to grab a block of cheese or gallon of milk, and back. We are carrying bags of prepared foods and frozen meat out to vehicles, sanitizing the entire place twice an hour (or more!), and washing our hands more times than we can count in a shift.

But spirits are high! It seems like every customer thanks us for being open and is grateful for the small slice of community we offer through a drive thru window. Our customers lift our spirits and keep us moving!

Thank you Jean, Ryan, Lauren, Maya, Norah, Nate, Kiernan, Crystal, Liz, and Eileen for making Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery such a wonderful place for our community eat, a safe and clean space to visit, and a truly awesome place to work.

Thanks for your adaptability and hard work – we are grateful to have such a spectacular team!

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