Gratitude Journal: Farm Love

We’ve been offering the Name the Calf Contest online since March and if you pull together all of the beautiful, generous, kind comments from the entry form section, it makes this word cloud.

Now that’s a lot of love! Thank you!

See all the comments that generated this warm fuzzy graphic below!

You guys ROCK!

So very happy you are able to continue to serve the community during this difficult time.  You give honor to the great tradition of New England farmers.   Thank you.

Can’t wait to come this summer for a farm tour! Keep up the good work.

We absolutely love your farm, your family and your deli!  You have the most amazing food served with a smile!  Best hidden treasure around here! Thank you for all that you do!

Love you!

We love Barstows!!

I have never actually been been, but your Farm is a fun destination halfway between my daughter and I! She is a nurse in Beverley, Mass! We planned on taking a tour this spring…. but of course that is on hold.  Your newsletter always makes me smile (and hungry!) and someday we are going to visit! I am praying for you and all the other small businesses that are still serving our community!

Good luck and thanks for smiles!!

Just luv Barstow’s

Such a great view from the parking lot!

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to helping the community in these uncertain times!

Yes, thank you to all of you for providing us with a safe service during this difficult time . I feel so lucky to have a place to go right in my neighborhood! Everyone is so cheerful and as always the food is delicious! I am especially thankful for having a place to get milk and of course muffins and cookies!

We so enjoyed learning about your automated milking machines and the compost conversion to electricity. Keep up your great work!

Always a friendly smile to great customers. Thank you!!

Thank you for supporting our community and providing healthy and yummy food in this trying time

Yay!  We love Barstow’s

we love it there

love you guys stay safe

We love your bakery

I’m a Mount Holyoke grad and I love getting your emails! Hope all is well out there and that everyone is safe, healthy, and happy 🙂

Bakery is awesome!

Every time I go back home to CT for a visit, I/we come up Wayne & Sandy’s Cat’s Cradle and to Barstow’s for lunch & to name the Calves!

Love your farm and store, one of our favorite stops!

You are doing a great job being a responsible dairy farm. Keep it up.

Great place for lunch!

Barstow’s Dairy Store is a breath of fresh air!  It’s our unwind weekend breakfast.

I LOVE YOU DENISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you guys! Hang in there!

We love your burger blast days, pasture day and your live music. Thank you for always providing a nice visit and food eats.😋

You guys ROCK!!!

Everyone stay healthy and safe, all the girls to. 💚

We love you guys!❤️

We love your macaroons and key lime squares!

One of my favorite places!

It’s a great place to go to eat, and the peanut butter bars are AMAZING!

I love your gluten free cookies!

love visiting the bakery, sandwiches and the cows (farm tours)

Thank you for continuing taking care of your community and cows. I’m excited to come for a visit once everything has cleared up and in the meantime am stocked up on a lifetime supply of Cabot cheese!

We love Barstow’s!

Great family & community!

Special feel good place

Your store and bakery feels like home

Thank you for continuing to allow us to patronize your store during this trying time.  Stay safe and well!

You are awesome!

Hi Everybody! Keep up the great work!

You rock!

You do a great job with your outreach!

Yummy food, I love it all

Love everything about your farm, cows, staff & food!

We love what you do!

Much success to you in the new year.

A most peaceful place to visit.

We love Barstow’s!!!!

We had a fun family night naming V calves!!!

Loved the hamburger and sausage meat we bought the other day, first time customer


We love your desserts

Thank you Barstow’s of Hadley!!!

Family farms are local treasures.

We love coming as a family for breakfast and lunch. This is my favorite place to grab some soup for lunch when I’m working. Thank you for being so kind.

The employees are friendly and Courteous!

I always enjoy your food, the view of the ladies grazing and the picturesque grounds

Best deserts ever

I love the farm

So environmentally aware, technologically advanced, willing to share knowledge, sweetest staff and delicious food!  Very customer driven and I love the way you incorporate your customers into your store, special meals and farm.  Also, cutest cows with the best names!

Always love stopping by when in the area.

You guys are the best!  I miss your smiling faces – and your baked stuff…and pierogis!!  I need to get there soon!

We love your ginger snap cookies!  🙂

Keep up the good work!

Awesome food, service, and destination!

Love your bakery and store!

You’re the best!

Stay safe, stay well, and thank you for all that you do!

We love and miss you!

Love your Facebook page with pics of all your bakery treats

Love you!

Amazing food and family

I love your bakery, cheeses, meats & Cat’s Cradle corner

Your coffee is a delight!

Tremendous Family, with a long history.

love your farm

I miss you all! Driving and stopping by on a weekend is always a restful, fall tradition for me, and COVID-19 has made that a little more complicated.

I love that you adapted with the drive thru window. Yummy cheesecakes and those mini butter Bundt cakes oh my!


All is so good. Carrot cupcakes my all time favorite.

Delicious Food!

I love your bakery, ice cream, cheeses & meats.

Great brownies !!

I’ve only visited your farm a couple of times (no longer live in the area), but your employees are always so kind and your farm is beautiful–I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these tough times.


Love the farm and store!

Good food & nice place to visit

Love your farm

Keep up the good work! Loved visiting while in college!

Enjoy sitting on your grass while drinking one of your delicious chocolate milkshakes on a hot summer day just watching the world go by!

Even with drive thru only I’m still gaining weight!

Thank you for being wonderful!

Best chocolate cream pie!

All your pictures of food and pastries look scrumptious!

Great chicken salad!

You are a wonderful resource in Hadley and the Valley.  Best wishes for continued success.

Love your store and farm

friendly staff and great food

Very Friendly

Apple Pie is the best ever:)

Love Barstow’s, Love Hadley

Your food is delicious and the bakery continues to amaze me.

Great place, delicious sandwiches, ice cream and pastries.

I think y’all are great!

We LOVE Barstows and are frequent shoppers!


Always love your pictures you post! I haven’t been to your farm/store yet, but I will visit sometime soon! Thank you for what you do!!

We love Barstows!

Love your potato salad !!!

Our family loves the dairy store and watching the cows!

Your chili is really good.

Barstow’s has been a lifeline for trepidatious shoppers during the COVID crisis.

Best Farm Around!

Great job in drive thru!

Great sandwiches

You are my refuge and retreat – thank you!

Love the sandwiches and pastries!!

Cute cows!

Love your place

Good Peeps, Great place!!

You’re all amazing!!


Always a favorite place to shop and eat! Carrot Cupcakes are my weakness!

Love the baked goods! Your food is always fresh and wholesome! Can’t imagine life without Barstows!

Always a favorite place to shop and eat! Carrot Cupcakes are my weakness!

your Whoopie pies are amazing !!!

Love the chocolate cream pie!

Great store !

We love Barstows! Moved to South Hadley in late October 2019. Such a joy to have discovered your spot in the world. Cheers!

It’s the bees knees!

Love you girls!

biggest part of my childhood was spending time on the farm with great aunt margie and uncle nelly


Always a favorite stop with our grandkids – great food, bakery and ice cream. The kids always love the wagon farm tours.

Cant wait for next Burger fest!

Best place to work EVER 😉

Love everything….the lunches, the bakery, Pasture Day, how you heat your barns, that wonderful methane generator…and Pasture Day!


Wonderful place!

Love everything about Barstow’s but especially the pies!!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Thanks for all you do for our community!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Love Barstows. One of my go to places whenever I drive that way. Great food and lovey view. Have enjoyed the tours in the past during the month of June. Also had a private tour with Denise and it was terrific. The ‘ladies’ always seem very content and well cared for. Highly recommend Barstow’s.

We will be there for a visit soon!

Truly love the activities, services and products you bring to the community. The  automated milking systems and producing electricity from the waste materials is Great!  Enjoy  hearing  and learning the history of your dairy farm is wonderful. You keep moving forward in many ways but keeping the past alive.  You all are a true asset to the area. Keep it up!

I love the scenery, and also the tomato/cheddar soup – It is the best – Thanks!

I’ve never been and I can’t wait to visit, I think cows are beautiful.

I love it there!!

All of you have gone above & beyond normal capabilities to provide for your community. Kudos to all of you!!

 I LOVE everything & everyone Barstow!!

refreshment and refuge — everything you do/make is wonderful — hi, Moose!

I love going to Barstow’s. I would always invite my family to come visit and take them to Barstow’s for some fantastic food and to listen to great music from Country Roads when they were playing. My idea of a good day.

Tailgating has been fun, but really happy to see the tables opening.

Love those early bagel sandwiches and coffee.

Always good food and very happy employees.

Thank you for your kindness during this challenging time.

your cows are so cute!!

Miss the burger nights.  Follow you on facebook!

I really enjoy all your posts on Facebook. I especially like looking at all the yummy bakery goodies. Great job everyone!

We love you!

Love your bakery

Cinnamon buns are to die for

Love your farm tours!!

Thank you for continuing your great service through this crazy time!! 💜

I can’t wait to get birthday cupcakes from you later this month!!

We all love it ❤️

I Love Milk!

Best homemade pies in the area

Love the baked goods! 🙂

We always leave happier than we came

Drive up groceries are a huge help.

Love your store!

My garden is great because of their manure

Great food

My family misses you and hope you are well! Thank you for all you do!

Delectable Chocolate Peanut Bars!

Best cinnamon buns around!!!

You guys are awesome! Thanks for all you do 🙂

We just moved here and we’ll come visit soon!

In COVID season we are So grateful for your drive up window, but every season we enjoy your lunches and grazing cows!!

Great views, delicious food and lots of lovely cows!

Pulled thru yesterday…thanks so much!

I’m so glad you are part of our community.  Thank you providing us with local food.

Though times are different for awhile, we still enjoy our (take out) coffee and bagels while tailgating with the “ladies” on nice days.  Nice to have been able to have fresh eggs and Cabot cheese.

We love you!

I love your compost and your closed loop system is a model for ecological farming!

Yay Barstow’s!

It is the best!  Food, staff, cows….

Keep up the good work.  I love your store.  Whenever I get the chance I buy the Uncle Fuzzy sandwich.

Love your cookies

We love visiting for ice cream and talking to cows!

We love your farm and dairy store. Glad to be your neighbors.

We love visiting the Dairy store and Bakery for Burger Nights and cannot wait to be able to do that again.

We just love coming to your farm and having a bite to eat. The staff are always nice and the farm is beautiful! I have been on the tour and it’s amazing. More people need to know how your farm operates. Thank you!

Awesome place

I love your cupcakes and food.

Love your store!

Keep doing what you do Barstow! 💗

Love your cinnamon buns!

You guys have an awesome farm!

Love the view from the store

I hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and happy during this difficult time! ♥️


The best sandwiches in the valley!!🍔🥛🍦

It’s a fabulous place!

Love your pastries !

Love the drive up!  Thanks for helping us social distance and stay safe while enjoying fantastic dairy products!

This is my favorite local place by far! Delicious food, friendly staff, and ongoing cow naming contests, what more could you ask for?

We love you ❤️

Glad to have Barstow’s in the neighborhood! Best Shermanator wrap in the world!

We can’t wait to use the drive through for some yummy treats soon!  We love Barstow’s!

We love Barstow’s!

This is so joyful!

We think you’re great!

I hope you all make it through this challenging time.

We don’t get to visit as much as we would like due to being long distance. You have really created something special where everyone loves to be a part of what goes on. Keep doing it the right way! Thanks for making us all feel like part of the farm!

We hope to see you soon!

We are so proud to have Barstow’s in the neighborhood. Such a wonderful farm at a beautiful location.

I used to work in the CREAM Program (the University of Vermont’s dairy farm) and the calf I helped raise (named Ethel, former UVM ear tag number was 3916) was sold to your farm with a group of heifers last fall. I follow your Instagram page and I just want to say it’s such a nice feeling to know she went to such a wonderful and well-operated farm, and I hope she’s doing well there!

I love Barstow’s!!!!

Love coming to your farm. Stay well and our best to “the girls”.

We love Barstow’s! <3

It’s a lovely place!

Thank you for all that you’re doing during this difficult time.

Love your store and farm, truly excellence in a family farm.

Just a great place:)

great and wholesome

Awesome place Awesome people

I applaud you and the entire Barstow’s team. Please continue the great work you are doing.

Love my neighbors!

Love watching your posts on Facebook and all the bakery items. Thank you for all you do with the community and for being there during this time of need.

You rock

A relaxing and peaceful place to have lunch.

Thank you !!!❤️

Love your family and farm!

They have the best Bake potatoes!!!

I go to Barstow’s often!

Thanks for staying open during this time!

We’re so lucky to have you right around the corner!

Thanks for keeping us connected!

Can’t wait to come visit for first time! Love your newsletter, coming to get compost too!

Barstow’s is a great local resource!  Keep up the good work.

Love a leisure breakfast in a calm county setting.  Food is always delicious.

Love the muffins!

We love you guys!

Beautiful farm and delicious food at the store.

Awesome farm and store. Baked goods and food are tasty.  Very friendly place to visit.

Thank you for staying open this spring and allowing my family to order and do drive up pick up of local milk, veggies, fruit, cheese, etc.  You serve the best bagel sandwiches around!

We love this place!!!

We LOVE your Farm!!!! Thank you for all that you do! Happy New Year!

Great store

You have the friendliest employees!

Hoping to get out there for some great shopping! Happy, hopeful & healthy 2021!

I can’t wait to get your soups!!!

Love your products! Been coming here throughout my college years☺️

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