Brrrr! Pass the…Ice Cream!

🍨 Today, of all days, bitterly cold and wind blown, is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! But don’t let the weather keep you away from this obscure/delicious holiday! We’re celebrating at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery 8am-noon with Quakes (a milkshake but with iced coffee) and Coffee Floats (iced coffee with ice cream instead of ice), an ice cream sandwich with your breakfast sandwich, or a scoop of ice cream with your pie, cinnamon swirl, or pastry. We are open today until 3pm.

We are also accepting orders for several upcoming February events:

🏈 Place your orders now for Super Bowl Sunday coming up next week on February 12. Think homemade meatballs, pans of mac & cheese, sweet and sour kielbasa, or chocolate chip cookies. We also have a terrific selection of Cabot cheeses for snacking, dips, spreadable cheddar, not to mention local beer and seltzer. If you’re doing your own cooking for Game Day, be sure to stock up on Barstow’s ground beef, McCray milk, Cabot cream cheese, and lots of other staples.

🥣 Barstow’s will be running a special next Sunday, February 12: Souper Bowl Sundae. A bowl of hot homemade soup and a large hot-topping sundae of your choosing, just $10.99.

🍽 We’re excited to be bringing back Winter Dinners in February and March! We are accepting sign-ups now for the Chicken and Biscuits Dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 21 and our Lasagna Dinner on Tuesday, Mar. 21. Sign up in store, give us a call, or sign up online.

🍲 Can’t get enough of what our cooks are cooking up? A friendly reminder that folks are welcome to sign up for the Soup CSA week so long as we get your order the Monday of that pick-up week. This week our soup is Moroccan Chickpea and you can sign up by visiting, calling, or using this link here.

💘 Barstow’s is, of course, accepting Valentine’s Day orders. Order something sweet for your sweetheart: cherry pie, custom cupcakes, cheesecake, sugar cookies, you name it. We also have a nice selection of cards from local artists and great local gifts like coffee, red and white wine, maple syrup, gift certificates, and more.

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Sending lots of love to the farmers, first responders, and any folks who must be outside today for their livelihoods and for our community’s health, nutrition, and safety. Warming centers are available at the Hadley Senior Center, Hadley Public Library, South Hadley Senior Center, and South Hadley Public Library.

Barstow’s Longview Farm was recently featured on the podcast, Techstiniation. You can check out the video here. And in case you missed it, we had a really nice article about the farm in Business West last month.

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