Best Ice Cream Spots in the Pioneer Valley

The Daily Voice
by Cecilia Levine

Craving a sweet treat to cool you down on a hot summer day? Here are several ice cream shops you can try today in and around Northampton.

The spots you see on this list were top-rated on several user-generated review sites, featured in local publications and recommended by Daily Voice readers.

The Hadley Scoop (Maple Valley Creamery): Founded by some award-winning farmers, the ice cream is made using fresh, free cream and milk — delivered daily. It’s got a 16.59% butter fat base, making it super creamy and less dense. Buy a 3-gallon tub or try a scoop at the creamery. 102 Mill Valley Road, Hadley

Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Come by all weekend for our “Donut Sundae” Atkins Cider Donut filled with the ice cream of your choice, whipped cream and drizzled in Caramel…yum.

Herell’s Ice Cream and Bakery: Homemade ice cream with dairy- and gluten-free options. Regulars love the vanilla malted ice cream, Damn Yankees devil mint stripe, and Three Amigos. 8 Old South St., Lower Level of Thornes Marketplace.

Mt. Tom’s Homemade Ice Cream: This old-fashioned ice cream parlor was opened in 2003 by an engineer who swapped his cubicle for a batch freezer and candy store, its website says. Owner Jim blogs about the whole experience here. His plan seemed to have worked — as the customers keep coming back for more. Click here to order online. 34 Cottage St., Easthampton

Flayvors of Cook Farm: The farm was purchased in 1909 by Joseph G. Cook, and is now run by his great-grand children. The ice cream stand offers a rotating selection of flavors. Try them all and watch the cows. 129 South Maple St., Hadley

Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery: Open since 2008, Barstow’s offers local produce, milk and eggs — and makes its own goodies in the store. A shining example of farm-to-table goodness Try the ice cream sandwich: Choose your ice cream flavor and the cookies you want to eat it between. 172 Hockanum Road, Hadley

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