Andover, Massachusetts: Whole Foods Market Diverts To AD / BioCycle Magazine

Grind2Energy News, BioCycle Magazine
April 8, 2015

Whole Foods Market has 37 grocery stores in its North Atlantic Region; 29 of those are in Massachusetts. “All but two of our Massachusetts stores are on a commercial organics diversion program, primarily to composting” said Karen Franczyk, Green Mission Coordinator for the North Atlantic Region on September 22, shortly before the Massachusetts’ ban on commercial organics disposal was going into effect on October 1. To bring the remaining stores into compliance, Whole Foods Market was installing Grind2Energy organics processing systems at the remaining two stores, both of which are in dense, urban locations. “These stores have very tight spaces in the back rooms where there isn’t really room for totes to collect organics,” Franczyk explains.

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