The Red Ear of Corn

On Monday, December 10, twenty one engaged neighbors gathered at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery for our Dinner & a Speaker event.  This dinner marked our twelfth and final event of our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration on the 10s.  We hosted mini events and giveaways all year to celebrate 10 whole and wonderful years in the restaurant bizz. Thank you so much to everyone who attended each of these events!  From pumpkin painting to cookie decorating and Burger Nights to giveaways, we had a blast and we hope you did too!

The Dinner & a Speaker event was the one I was most excited for as it ties in a few of my favorite things – life learning, agriculture, public speaking farmers, and great food.  I’m thrilled at the turnout and grateful for such a supportive community.

A special thank you to Allan Zuchowski, local farmer owner of Lazy Acre Farm in Hadley, MA for a spirited, informative, and fascinating discussion about the history of agriculture in the Pioneer Valley.  How special it was to be able to handle artifacts and get a real picture of the past. Sitting in the audience, surrounded by excited listeners made me feel like I’d been the lucky one to find the coveted red ear of corn.  I must apologize for cutting things short, Allan, the number one bit of feedback from the attendees was they wished you had the podium for longer!  I guess that just means we’ll have to have you back!

As we launch into our 11th year (!!!), we are eager to improve our business and further engage in our community.  Should you ever have any ideas of events you’d like to see, feedback on our menu, or comments on how we are doing, they are always welcomed –

Thanks again for a terrific year and we hope you enjoy a happy and safe holiday with the ones you hold dear!  Don’t forget to get your bakery and prepared food orders in by this Friday, December 21 before 4pm – 413-586-2142.

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