Thanksgiving 2017 Numbers

Last year we were thrilled to receive so many Thanksgiving orders from our community!  We use last year’s numbers to help us plan for the holiday ahead.

It’s fun to look at what people enjoyed last year for Thanksgiving Day with their loved ones.  So much fun we thought we’d share it with you too!

For November 2017, Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery had orders for:

160 Thanksgiving Pies

29 Apple Pies
36 Apple Crumb
21 Pumpkin
21 Pecan
3 Chocolate Pecan
25 Chocolate Cream
4 Lemon Meringue
4 Banana Cream
1 Peanut Butter Dream
9 Blueberry
2 Cherry
1 Rhubarb
3 Strawberry Rhubarb
1 Minced Meat

16 Cheesecakes

5 Plain
3 Pumpkin Swirl
2 Turtle
3 Cow Spots
2 Double Chocolate
1 Bailey’s Irish Creme


108 Cookies
72 Handmade Pierogi
6 Pans of Cinnamon Swirls
15 Mini Dessert Platter
2 Tomato Pies
1 Quiche
1 Squash Casserole
1 Pan Roasted Onion and Potato

Order your Thanksgiving pies, desserts, and side dishes by Monday, November 19!

Don’t wait! Visit us or call us right now! 413-586-2142

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