Name the Calf Contest: January 2023

Here at Barstow’s Longview Farm everybody has a personality so everybody has a name. Calves born around the same time have names that begin with the same letter. These calves were born in January.

Congratulations to our Name the Calf Contest winners!

Alina by Bailey Austin

Artura by Paul Peelle

Anchor by Ashley Hogall

Althea by Diana Peelle

Alfalfa by Sharon Squassow

Adia by Shana Heneghan

Astrophel by David Kaufmann

Apple by Lana Brushway

Asparagus by Denise Barstow Manz

Aubergine by Annabeth Loftman

Agnes by Cassidy King

Allison by Lana Brushway

Amber by Patty Hayes

Bumblebee by Ruth Josimovich

Belinda by Paige Dolinski

Biscuit by Ethan Ortyl

Belle by Mary Cadigan

Bonnie by Daniel Cadigan

Bobbi by Kaitlyn Rybicki

Bismillie by Mandi Bailey

Bosco by John Hayes

You can name our calves too! Visit us to put in your entry!

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