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Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Denise Barstow Manz of Hadley

September 30, 2022

This dangerously delicious delight — mocha cappuccino cheesecake — is exactly what we want to be eating right now, curled up with a cozy blanket and a cup of something steaming. The photo was taken at Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery in Hadley by Denise Barstow Manz. How to enter: Snap a pic of something … Read more

Afternoon Buzz 9.29.22 – Denise Barstow Manz of Barstow’s Longview Farm & Evan Arntzen​ of Eh La Bas

September 30, 2022

Catch Denise on the Afternoon Buzz with Buzz and Brian Adams: listen to the podcast recording.

13 Farms in 2 Days

August 19, 2022

This week, I traveled throughout the Second District during my 12th annual district-wide farm tour. I visited 13 farms in 2 days to talk to farmers about the challenges they face and how I can continue to help them succeed. I’m always so impressed by the fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, flowers, livestock and more that … Read more

Illinois farmers impressed with variety of Bay State agriculture

August 8, 2022

By TAMMIE SLOUP FarmWeek Standing on a cranberry bog, a group of Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders felt the earth ripple as a peer jumped up and down. “Whoa, the ground is moving,” one nervously announced. Bogs are a type of wetland, characterized by a spongy, mat-like substance on the water’s surface, making it possible … Read more

MassAppeal: The business of modern day farming in the Pioneer Valley

August 3, 2022

Mass Appeal Aug 3, 2022 / 01:46 PM EDT (Mass Appeal) – For centuries, since the first settlers came to the Pioneer Valley, this has been farm land. Unfortunately, farming isn’t what it once was and there are very few family farms left in our area. We were fortunate enough to visit the Barstow family … Read more

Pioneer Valley Dairy Crawl celebrates dairy farms one scoop of ice cream at a time

June 29, 2022

By Gillian Follett | Special to The Republican Denise Barstow Manz is hoping to increase awareness of the Pioneer Valley’s dairy farms one scoop of ice cream at a time. Since 1806, generations of her family have been operating Barstow’s Longview Farm. Today, its farm store supplies fresh dairy, meat, baked goods and other products. Still, … Read more

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