Hockanum Flood Sign

Hockanum Village is in a 100-year flood-plain.

While this contributes to fertile soil, it also means this area has gone through some very extreme flooding.  During heavy, extensive rain and during rapid snow melt in the north, the Connecticut River floods and the fields and sometimes even roads are inundated.

You can visit the Hockanum Flood Sign on Rt. 47, just half a mile north of Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery.  Be aware, there is no official parking and Rt. 47 is a very busy road!

The sign shows the flood levels reached for four of the largest floods in the area in that specific spot. The 1984 flood resulted in about 4 feet of water in this spot.  The 1927 flood resulted in about 6 feet of water in this spot.  The 1938 flood resulted in about 9 feet of water in this spot.  And the 1936 flood resulted in about 15 feet of water in this spot.

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