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STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter

November 10, 2017

November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month and boy to do we have the stuff for you!  STEEM is caffeinated peanut butter locally made. If you need an energy boost in the afternoon but don’t want to settle for an energy drink or ran out of time to stop by the … Read more

Name the Calf Contest Winners “S”

November 4, 2017

Here at Barstow’s Longview Farm everybody has a personality so everybody has a name. Calves born around the same time have names that begin with the same letter.  These calves were born in the first half of October. Congratulations to our Name the Calf Contest winners! Sundance by Matthew Lomlardo … Read more

Where does Barstows’ milk go?

November 3, 2017

Barstow’s Longview Farm produces about 20,000 lbs of milk – or 2,325 gallons – every day. That’s a lot of milk!  But where does it all go? The Barstow Farm does not have a milk processing plant.  There is too much milk for us to process all by ourselves and … Read more

Ew, but it’s dirty!

October 29, 2017

You can find local Hadley grown butternut squash covered in local Hadley soil on our porch.  But what’s with the dirt?  Squash won’t last as long once they are washed, so we figured to offer the freshest produce, we’d keep it in its, err, natural state!  Eat the season, eat … Read more

Seasonal Burger Night Burgers

October 25, 2017

Eating in season means food is fresher, travels less miles, and supports your local farmers and economy. And what could taste better than that? Every Burger Night, we offer a special burger or two to feature what is in season in the Valley! Take a look at some of the … Read more

The Cat’s Cradle

October 6, 2017

The Cat’s Cradle Country Shoppe is a combination of country/farmhouse decor, re-purposed furniture and new items created in their workshops. You can find unique pieces and handmade signs keeping up with the seasons at Barstow’s.  Just down the road, the Cat’s Cradle are longtime neighbors and friends of the Barstow’s, … Read more

Dairy farm round table

September 29, 2017

September 2017 by Laura Rodley, Country Folks Three dairy farmers, District Representative John Scibak and Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) representatives Katelyn Parsons and Brad Mitchell, gathered at Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley, MA late September to discuss dairy farming. The farmers were Denise Barstow of Barstow’s Longview Farm, Hatfield’s … Read more

Valley dairy farmers air innovations, challenges with state officials

September 28, 2017

Written by David Mclellan, Daily Hampshire Gazette September 28, 2017 HADLEY — Pick up a gallon of milk at a New England grocery store, and its contents are pretty much guaranteed to be locally made. Whether the label advertises a big company’s name or a family-owned farm, the dairy farmer … Read more

Farmers get help planting cover crops with a helicopter

September 1, 2017

22 News WWLP By Tashanea Whitlow Published: September 1, 2017 HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Technology in the 21st Century is taking farming to a new level; or, at least, a new altitude. Instead of spreading “cover crop” seeds by hand or tractor, Barstow Farm in Hadley is using a helicopter … Read more

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