"Looking Forward Since 1806"

COVID19 UPDATE as of 3.1.22: While masks are not required for vaccinated staff or visitors, we do ask that unvaccinated team members and visitors wear a mask inside at Barstow's Dairy Store and Bakery. Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy and safe!

Upcoming Events

Conserving Farmland in the Pioneer Valley

The number of people that call the Pioneer Valley home is growing, but for many reasons it is critical to keep farmland in our community. Come and hear about how much farmland we have, how much is already conserved, and ways to conserve more farmland.

Massachusetts Dairy and the Local Food Movement

Dairy farms are vital to Massachusetts agriculture, but most dairy farms haven’t benefited much from the increased interest in local food and farms that’s developed over the last couple of decades. Come learn why dairy farms are so important and about their unique challenges.

Modern Farming means wearing many Hats, Including Lobbyist

Massachusetts farmers in today’s legislative environment routinely need an organization, like Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, to represent them on agricultural policy. Come to this event to hear MFBF staff discuss relevant issues that the organization is working to represent farmers on, including a bill to help keep farms in farm families by establishing an ag inheritance tax value.

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