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Barstow’s is a small family owned business and we are committed to supporting other local farmers, local crafters, and local artists.  Our walls are reserved for the art of local painters, sketchers, and photographers – giving us a beautiful and unique perspective on the area that we live and love.  Visit us to enjoy lunch, soak in the rural views, and enjoy the local art of your creative neighbors!

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Our current Featured Artist is Ana K. Devine

March 18 - May 2

I am a 26 year old self taught artist, specializing in watercolor painting. I also do a little bit of work with both oil and acrylic on canvas and pencil sketches.

I grew up in North Hadley, MA on my family’s dairy farm. Growing up I always had a passion for the outdoors and nature. From a very young age, and as far back as I can remember, I was always getting creative with DIY projects, coloring, painting, and drawing. I also enjoyed spending time in my mother’s garden and helping her create flower arrangements with her fresh cut flowers; something I still do and enjoy to this day.

Art had always been my favorite class to attend in elementary school and high school. I had always looked forward to continuing a project I was working on, or seeing what was in store in terms of learning something new. It wasn’t until I got to high school that I grew more serious about my artistic talent and abilities. One day while in art class, I decided to recreate a painting using watercolors that was originally done by Georgia O’Keefe. I still have and admire this Georgia O’Keefe painting entitled “Pink Shell with Seaweed” that sparked my love for painting. From that moment on, Georgia O’Keefe became the inspiration to many of my paintings and drawings and had always managed to remain my favorite artist along the way.

Other than art class in high school, I have never taken any formal classes or lessons. I have mainly considered painting as a hobby and way of relaxing.
When you look at my paintings, a commonality you will see is nature; whether it be flowers, animals, plants, insects, etc. My paintings usually consist of one single object or animal with many small details within that painting. I also enjoy using bright colors that may not be typical or traditional to the subject I’m painting.
I hope many are able to enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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